This private challenge group will help you identify what is wreaking havoc on your body, teach you how to overcome the overwhelming feelings of "I can't do this", and help you come out on the other side feeling great & empowered to keep going!

I know exactly how scary & overwhelming it can feel when you need to eliminate a certain food from your diet. Your head spins when you think about ALL the meals you normally enjoy that you can no longer have. I've been there before too many times over again & I'm here to give you my simple step stragtegy to help you get to the other side in this eliminate to feel great challenge group.

After just 1 week of eliminating health harming food from her diet Rebecca said "I already feel less bloated and more energetic after a week back on plan, focusing on health promoting foods, good hydration and healthy intervals."

So if your ready to eliminate a food from your diet that's wreaking havoc on your health causing bloating, joint pain, and even weight gain join me in my eliminate to feel great challenge group & Let's Get Started!!

P.S This challenge is open to ALL! Men & Women, those who follow THM but might need to eliminate something additional for better health or those who are just now looking to get started on their Trim Healthy journey! No matter where you are in your journey to health in this group we will identify the health wreaking havoc food for YOUR season!